Burial Records

The Lakeview Cemetery offers access to its burial records.

The name and burial location is
indicated in the "Burial Records Data Base".

The section, plot number and grave number
is listed next to each name.

Refer to the Maps & Key below
to find the appropriate section and plot,
graves are numbered as shown…..

Burial Records Data Base

Graves Sold: used and unused


OY= Old Yard
NY=New Yard
GA1= Goodhue Addition 1
GA2=Goodhue Addition 2
AV= Avery Addition
ZU=Zulauf Addition

Burial Lots:

Lot 8 Lot 1
Lot 7 Lot 2
Lot 6 Lot 3
Lot 5 Lot 4

ann parker oldest grave 1786 burial plot views
burial plot views

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