Welcome to The Lakeview Cemetery

Established in the late 1700's, the Lakeview Cemetery
is a private non-denominational, non-profit cemetery
covering over seventeen acres along
Wolfeboro's North Main Street.

Over 3,500 individuals are interred in this tranquil
setting with its beautifully maintained grounds.

A view of the summit of Copple Crown Mountain
can be seen from many of the grave sites.

The newly renovated Zulauf Chapel
is the centerpiece of the Cemetery and is available
for gatherings of up to fifty people.

The Columbarium cremation niches
are new to the Cemetery.
With landscaped trees and a remembrance bench,
the Columbarium graces a favored place in the Cemetery.

The Lakeview Cemetery is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors, which is committed to maintaining high quality care and maintenance of the grounds.

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