Legacy Gifting at the Lakeview Cemetery

ann parker oldest grave 1786Located on North Main Street and across from Forest Road, the Lakeview Cemetery was started with a few concerned residents donating their farmland to provide a final resting place for their neighbors and residents.

The original land of the Lakeview Cemetery was a farm that bordered North Main Street. This part of the cemetery is called the "Old Yard". People buried relatives there starting in the late 1700's. The oldest grave, shown in picture to the left, is that of Ann Parker who died in 1786.

Successive landowners donated property for burial purposes and in 1905 a group of interested citizens formed the Lakeview Cemetery Association to provide for its long term upkeep. They sold burial lots in order to support the care of the Cemetery. Someday, use of land for this purpose will no longer be available to us.

The Founders were investing in the needs of their Town and their neighbors. In the tradition of those men, today's Cemetery Board is looking to ensure the future of Wolfeboro's "City on the Hill" by establishing this gifting program.

The Cemetery Association has established a Grounds Care Fund. This Fund is supported soley from private revenue. Your Stewardship Gift will help to sustain the high quality of care and maintenance that has been provided in the past.

Please help us with your generosity and remembrance with a tax deductible gift. The existence of the Lakeview Cemetery is an important part of the Wolfeboro Community.

Tiers of Stewardship
Memorial Member: $Over - $5,000
Associate Member: $2,501 - $5,000
Participating Member $501 - 2,500
Friend of Lakeview Cemetery Under - $500