Lakeview Cemetery
Columbarium Rules & Regulations

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  1. A license may be issued to any person for the Burial of Cremains of self, family, relatives, and friends. The Association will not control whose cremains an owner wishes to be placed in a Niche, nor will the Association enter into any personal disputes about whose cremains will be buried in a Niche. Such disputes are a personal and possibly a legal matter within a family and are not the concern of the Association. All burials in the Columbarium must be accompanied by a signed statement by the Licensee or a successor of the Licensee authorizing the use of the Niche.
  2. The urn or container used to hold the cremains must be approved by the Association.
  3. The Association will provide maintenance for the grounds of the Cemetery as well as for the Columbarium, the Columbarium patio and steps, and the grounds surrounding the Columbarium. This maintenance will be provided through the income earned on its Grounds Care Fund and other sources of income received by the Association. In no case shall the Association obligate itself to expend for such maintenance a sum in excess of the income from the Grounds Care Fund. Further, the Association will manage the assets of the Grounds Care Fund with due diligence, but the Association extends no guarantee as to the future status of the Grounds Care Fund. The maintenance will consist of cutting the grass at reasonable time periods; raking and cleaning of Cemetery Grounds; repair and maintenance of the chapel; repair or replacement of damaged infrastructure; power washing the Columbarium; maintaining, cleaning and repairing the Columbarium patio and steps; and planting and tending the Association flower pots at the Columbarium.
  4. The Association will not allow adornments or flowers of any type to be placed at or around the Columbarium. The exception is for cut flowers at the time of burial, and the Association reserves the right to remove these flowers at a later time. The Association also reserves the right to remove without notice any potted plant or other adornment from the vicinity of the Columbarium.
  5. The bronze name plate on the front of the Niche must be made from the approved template of the Association. If a Columbarium utilizes an engraving rather than a name plate, then the engraved words must be placed within the indented space on the front of the Niche.
  6. Each Niche will be allowed to hold two burial urns or other approved containers.
  7. Accessing a Niche will only be allowed by a funeral director who has been approved and authorized to do so by the Association.
  8. The Rights under this License may be sold, or transferred through inheritance to a new owner. The Association must be made aware of any such change in ownership, and the original license with the Rules and Regulations embodied within it must be conveyed to the new owner. If a license is offered for sale, the Association has a right of first refusal for the purchase of the license in the amount of the original purchase price. This in no way means that the Association is obligated to purchase the License.
  9. The chapel located on Cemetery grounds is available for memorial services upon request. The charge to use the chapel is $250.00 (subject to change) and is payable prior to its use. The family requesting to use the chapel will be held responsible for the condition in which it is left. The Association cannot be held responsible for any aspects of the condition of the chapel prior to its use for a service. Vacuuming and general cleaning as well as arranging the chapel is allowed for the needs of the service.
  10. It is recommended by the Association that this License be regarded like a Deed and should be recorded at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds. This License should be treated as an important personal document and should be retained in a place of safe keeping.
  11. The Association has the right to enforce, by whatever legal means available to it, each of the above Rules and Regulations so as to maintain its fiduciary obligation as defined by the Association's Articles of Incorporation and the By‐laws of the Association. Any legal costs incurred by the Association in pursuing such enforcement will be reimbursed by the licensee to the Association in a prompt and timely manner.

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